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Sharon Williams

Sharon picked up her camera for the first time a few years ago, she jokingly likens herself to the pioneering 19th century photographer, Julia Margaret Cameron, who started her photography career in her 40’s.  She developed an appreciation of form, colour, texture and composition when studying art at school.  Using her unique interpretation Sharon creates images often described as sensitive and emotive. 


It is her belief, that to create an image she has to feel it.  The final image is a reflection of the both the subject and the emotion involved in creating it.  Sharon's images are often ambiguous and playful, yet rooted in reality.  Her camera reveals details that are often overlooked and as a result can offer a fresh perspective to the beauty of nature.  It is Sharon's hope that her work will encourage others to pause a moment and to be still enough to see the beauty around them.

Published Work

Water-stone Review Issue No. 21 'Floral Fancy"  2018

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